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Online Coaching Program


  • Train on your own time that fits best within your busy schedule.
  • Work with a REAL person instead of a generalized automated online program.
  • Guided coaching and individualized programs are available to keep you accountable to the workout program.
  • Detailed training plan. You can be confident that you are executing each of the exercises correctly with videos and detailed instructions to follow.
  • Track your stats and progress, use your own personalized calendar to view past workouts and improve on your current training stats.

Body Shaping Company takes pride in the work we do with clients. We enjoy being able to transform clients located all across the country through our personalized online coaching program. We get results through daily workouts and weekly nutrition programing to support your fitness and health goals. Be a part of our Body Shaping community anywhere!

How many times a day do you instinctively look at your smart phone? Make those small glances at technology become a BIG part of your health and fitness goals.

Through an easy to use app your Body Shaping Company coach will tailor a program to your personal needs. You will never look at your phone the same way ever again!

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, there is a lot of information online that can be confusing. We want to make getting shape simple and take the guess work out of knowing what to do. That is why we have designed our online coaching program.

This program is for all levels of fitness; clients who are beginners, or fitness experts can all use extra support taking their fitness to the next level. Maybe you are already fit and strong, but need the extra accountability to push yourself past your current routine. Or, if you are intimidated by the gym environment and want to workout in the comfort of your own home online coaching is perfect for you too! We also work with local clients who live too far away from our one-on-one private downtown location, but want Body Shaping Company results!

Contact us now for more information regarding our online coaching program and learn how to get started with it today!

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