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Roxy has been working in the fitness industry since 2011, and started her Personal Training career in 2013. She joined the team at Body Shaping Company in 2017.

Roxy has worked with a wide range of clients and is familiar with common injuries and helping to find the right exercises to fit a client’s needs. Her experience includes; life coaching, small group training, and one-on-one training sessions for individuals.

She has her Associates Degree in Occupational Studies for Personal Training from Heritage College. She has continued to further her education at any opportunity she can, including holding a current ACE national certification. 

Roxy considers herself a fitness and lifestyle coach. She believes you can motivate more people with encouragement rather than intimidation. She puts that belief into practice at Body Shaping Company.

Her main goal is to help people feel good about their bodies, she also wants clients to feel good about life in general while working with her. This is a goal she thinks can be pulled off daily with the right attitude.