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Competition Training

Over the past 12 years, we’ve prepared clients for many types of competitions, including:

  • Men's Physique
  • Figure and fitness competitions
  • Beauty pageants and bikini contests

We transform bodies that turn heads when you walk into a room–now that’s checking out the competition!

Do you aim to be in bikini show shape and surpass what’s considered average?


Have you ever dreamed of getting on stage and competing in an NPC bikini show? Have you spent months perhaps years working on your physique? Did you not place where you would have liked in your last show?

You will never really know what you are truly capable of physically until you have made the commitment to be your best on competition day. Some will be more smooth and others will be more leaned and defined. Often competitors will lack symmetry or carry more body fat than they would like. So be realistic, you don’t have to be perfect, just prepared and confident.

Body Shaping Company has prepared countless competitors for NPC shows over the last 12 years and continue to train top national level, local and beginner bikini competitors and have produced several IFBB pro level competitors. We have a team of men and women that compete on a local and national level with the pro level being their next step. All of our trainers are national level competitors and compete at the top of our class in bikini, men’s physique and men’s bodybuilding so we know how to get you stage ready based on our experience and hard work ethics.