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Briana is driven to inspire and passionate about sharing with others the positive benefits of living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

As a trainer, her goal is to encourage the best in each of us to shine everyday. She will motivate and push you to your limit, and encourage to you believe that it is possible to go even further. Her commitment to helping you reach your goals is guaranteed to inspire and move you to take the next step towards your own success within. She brings a positive light and energy to the Body Shaping Company and believes that everyday we have the potential to transform through total mind-body awareness.

Briana specializes in:

  • one-on-one personal training
  • small group training
  • running and conditioning programs
  • yoga
  • body shaping transformations

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Briana has always lived an active and healthy lifestyle. She takes a holistic approach to supporting a strong and natural body. She enjoys taking advantage of living in such a beautiful state and has developed a passion for running and other outdoor fitness activities. Along with running, Briana has many years of experience in dance, gymnastics, and yoga training. She also trains for and participates in Fitness competitions, marathons, half-marathons, kickboxing, boxing, and whatever the next big fitness trend might be. She understands what it means to love movement and grow deeper in various forms of movement through passion and a continued enjoyment of challenging her own strength. As her own movement continues to evolve and transform, one thing never changes–her appreciation of the human body and the extreme potential that lies within each muscle fiber, all the way to the very core of our beings.

Living a healthy life begins with the thoughts and actions we choose to fuel the direction of our deepest desires and dreams. Our choices are a life force that creates positive transformational change and happiness. Choose today to contact Briana and see what is possible within your own health and fitness.


B.S. Business Administration in Organizational Management CSU

Certified Personal Trainer NASM

ACE Certified

CPR/First Aid/AED Certified


2013 NPC Northern Colorado Figure Competitor / Athlete

Completed 2011 Denver Rock and Roll Full Marathon

Denver Half Marathon and Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon 2011

Colorado State University Studio Night dancer and choreographer

Disney World Magic Music Days Dancer in Orlando, Florida

Over 18 years of dance experience and performing

Through mind-body awareness, Briana helps you to realize your goals and transform into the best version of yourself.