Are you ready to transform your body in just 12 short weeks?

12 Week Body Transformation

Body Shaping Company’s signature 12 Week Body Transformation program is the ultimate jump start to your fitness goals.

Designed for serious individuals looking to make a significant change in their body and ultimately their life. Give us 90 days and you will be amazed at the results you see.


Improve your fitness, tone up, lose weight, reduce stress, and feel stronger. We hold you accountable to your goals both inside and outside the gym. Our goal is to motivate and inspire you to feel strong while working towards the best version of yourself. We work hard to educate you and give you the tools needed to succeed.
Our passion is fitness, we consistently live it each day. We understand the challenges that come along with starting a new program, and will make you feel comfortable at each step of the way. We work with all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced athletes.

Body Shaping Company’s 12 Week Body Transformation packages are designed to meet your individual needs. As you grow stronger in your strength and fitness skills, your program will evolve to continually push you and make significant changes happen in your body.

Each session is 30 minutes. We believe in focused and highly efficient sessions. Your time is important. All our clients love the fast paced workout that gets the job done so you can go about your busy day. Our results are achieved by individualized challenging workouts, along with accountability plans outside the gym. Your trainer will track measurements, and do photo check-ins. This helps us to continue to tailor your nutrition and workout programs to your specific needs, and keeps you motivated to do your best.

Your workouts are never boring and the same. We personalize the program to include resistance training, functional training, core strength and stability exercises, along with HIIT elements, and all the “extras” that bring it all together into a fun and focused workout.

You will love our team environment and supportive happy clientele. Everyone is here to accomplish big goals, and we do it together in a positive private environment. Body Shaping Company will help you reach your goals in a short amount of time. Not only will you be fit, you will be stunning and ready for your next big goal.


See our Before & After Gallery for more inspiring body transformations.

All photos are actual Body Shaping Company clients