Are you ready to commit to change and get FAST results?

For over 20 years Demetrius has worked to develop the concept of “we create fit bodies”, while at the same time had the drive to build a successful business based on helping people live better lives in their own skin.

Demetrius is an ACE certified professional through the American Council of Exercise, Group Training certified, along with an IDEA Health and Fitness member. Along with his passion for operating a business, his passion for helping others is inspiring. Body Shaping Company is an open and inviting private space that attracts hard working professionals and serious clients who strive to improve their lives.

Witnessing a client reach their breakthrough is what motivates him to push clients harder. He also pushes himself to be better as a leader each day. He is not only a coach but a friend, teacher, motivator, and support system to each of his clients. His transformations speak for themselves, the proof is in the results.

He specializes in strength and weight training for both men and women, body fat reduction, cardiovascular conditioning programs, building lean muscle mass, competition training, nutrition management, and general health and fitness. He knows how to create a plan for every type of personality and goals.

His extensive experience gets impressive results, and he will make you look better than you ever have. His style of training is upbeat, fun, and challenging. You will never do the same workout twice. Demetrius has competed in many of his own Bodybuilding competitions and understands the athlete mentality that it takes to succeed.

In fitness nothing compares to the test of improving your inner strength to match what you can accomplish physically on the outside. Demetrius will help put your inner and outer strength to the test, he matches each and every client with his own intensity of passion.

Come experience for yourself the passion and drive of Demetrius by contacting him today.

Dreams don’t work unless you do.