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Sports/Weight Training


  • Improved muscle definition
  • More lean body tissue
  • Stronger muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Increased metabolism so you burn more calories – even at rest!


Weight Training

We will teach you proper form and the benefits of each exercise. We will challenge you to progressively increase your level of strength and get the maximum benefit from your hard work. Weight training includes working with free weights, weight machines, cables, tubes and body weight resistance.

Sports Training

Runners require strong leg muscles. Golf demands strong shoulders and back. Tennis concentrates more on strong arms. These are specific areas where you need to concentrate in your chosen sport. Our job is to help you build a foundation for your sport physique. Although overall weight training provides a base, the specific exercise to train your sport skills will give you a competitive edge. We will help you decide the best exercises for individual sports – let’s get rolling!