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Virtual Personal Training

How many times a day do you instinctively look at your smart phone? Make those small glances at technology become a BIG part of your health and fitness goals.

Through an easy to use app your Body Shaping Company coach will tailor a program to your personal needs. You will never look at your phone the same way ever again!

Body Shaping Company takes pride in the work we do with clients. We are passionate about working with clients locally and all across the country. With our personalized virtual training app we can connect in a new way to help you workout on your own time.

We get results through innovative workouts along with specialized nutrition programing. You will receive a detailed training plan that includes videos, and the option to set up “live” video streaming sessions with your trainer. Track your stats and detailed progress on your own personalized training calendar.

You can easily reach your goals with the confidence that you have a certified and knowledgable coach on your team. Work with a real person to customize and tailor a program to your specific needs. There are a lot of cookie cutter training programs online, but the difference is we care about our clients and take the time to design actual programs for you.

The virtual landscape is constantly evolving and changing. The one thing that never changes is the human connection required to inspire and motivate each other to be the best we can be. This can only be achieved through a genuine and real coach that wants to see the power fitness has to improve our world. Contact us today, to connect with one of our true and genuine coaches at Body Shaping Company.

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