Are you ready to commit to change and get FAST results?

Mikayla is a (NASM) certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Her positive hard hitting attitude will drive you to accomplish your fitness goals and be inspired.

She enjoys working with all fitness levels from beginners to athletes. Focusing on strength training along with adding in endurance and HIIT workouts help her clients achieve their personal goals through a methodical and challenging fitness program. 

Mikayla believes in an in depth perspective of fitness. She believes that each client is unique, and that each component of health cannot exist without the other. By utilizing all her knowledge it is Mikayla’s goal to create a comprehensive, individualized program tailored to each clients needs. Mikayla is inspired by a health= wealth attitude and desires to see not just a better physique, but better overall wellbeing. She desires to see the longevity of her clients health continue beyond walking out of the gym door.

Mikayla is a Colorado native who grew up playing soccer which has lead her into her passion for health with a competitive fitness mindset. She knows how to push her own fitness levels while applying her knowledge and drive to compete as a successful bikini athlete. The training regime and discipline required to compete has allowed her to use her own deep understanding of the power of nutrition and fitness together to reach any goals on stage or off. What she has shared through this training process with her clients is the mental fortitude to drive them towards an entire lifestyle change that will serve her clients for years to come. 

Contact Mikayla today if you are interested in starting a program that will help transform your life and encourage your best self to emerge from what you can learn through her training style.

Don’t wish for it, work for it.